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ROAD TRIP! The Journey to Giant Twine Ball Country

This is the history of four large balls of twine that serve as road side attractions around our country. This is the story of one man’s quest to find which location has the biggest ball. Twisted: The Battle to Be the World’s Largest Ball of Twine. After more well-known and celebrated sites such as Wall […] - (read more)

The best free attractions in the world

Here is a short list of some of the best free attractions around the world. If you find yourself in some of these places, be sure to schedule these things on your itinerary. The best free attractions in the world: readers’ tips. The Staten Island Ferry, the Wallace Collection and the Getty Center all make […] - (read more)

The Longform Guide to Modern Las Vegas

This is a great roundup of articles from Longform’s archives, put together for your viewing pleasure by Slate. If you are planning to go to Las Vegas, take the long weekend to read through some of these articles. You will be glad you did! The Longform Guide to Modern Las Vegas Every weekend, Longform shares […] - (read more)

Asheville: the secrets of the North Carolina good life

Are you thinking about one last summer hurrah and aren’t sure where to go? Consider checkign out Asheville, NC – it appears on all the “best of” lists, its scenic and there’s a great bohemian vibe to the town that adds to its charm. After driving through mile after mile of strip-mall Virginia on the […] - (read more)