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Tack Sling Bag Is A Tote And Backpack Hybrid That Can Carry Oversized Items With Ease

We are about one month away from Black Friday and Cyber Monday, so start getting your holiday shopping list together. This is a perfect hybrid bag for someone who lives on the edge of Active and Professional. It would also be perfect for those people who are in college, and working full-time. And more than […] - (read more)

Travel Health Notices from the CDC

So, there’s a lot to be concerned about with this whole Ebola thing. However, its probably not as bad as the 24 hour news coverage, and certain candidates running for office, make it seem. The CDC screwed up, the hospital in Texas screwed up. It happened, and frankly, it shouldn’t really be surprising. You have […] - (read more)

The Savannah You Know and the Savannah You Don’t Know

Because a great deal of Georgia’s black narrative has been poorly documented, there’s an amazing amount of history in Savannah that is a sort of oral history. There are many who are trying to get the past documented as best as they can, but are running into roadblocks. Here’s their story…and some of the basic […] - (read more)

Ebola’s shadow extends to would-be Mecca pilgrims

Thus far, there’s been no Ebola cases confirmed in Saudi Arabia. There have, though, been other viral hemorrhagic fevers in the country. One of the interesting challenges that Saudi Arabia may have is that the country offers free health care to all pilgrims, pneumonia being the number one reason for hospitalization during the hajj. MERS […] - (read more)