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For A Gluten-Free Trip With Kids, Try Italy – no, really.

It turns out, Italy is incredibly progressive when it comes to gluten-free eating! Italy, it turns out, is one of the best places for people who, for health reasons, must eat gluten-free. The level of awareness among ordinary Italians, not to mention front-line restaurant workers and kitchen staff, was uncanny. At one point we found […] - (read more)

Business travelers should think twice about booking through Airbnb

With 56% of all businss travelers saying Wi-Fi connections are the most needed amenity when booking a hotel, business travelers may want to rethink using Airbnb to book their travel. This article talks about wi-fi and two other major reasons why Airbnb may not be the right option for booking a room for that next […] - (read more)

The world’s weirdest beaches

Want to do some traveling that includes beach time? Travel has a great photo spread of 17 of the weirdest and why. Every day hundreds of LEGO pieces wash up on Perran Sands in Cornwall, and other nearby beaches. The phenonenom is due to a huge wave hitting a container ship in 1997, sending tonnes […] - (read more)

The Death of the Great American Roadside Motel

There is a sort of raw sensory nostalgia that comes when thinking about the roadside motel, particularly if you are of the age right between when they went from the motels of your grandparents roadtrips and those of your own college roadtrips. Both generations gravitated to them because of the money saved when you needed […] - (read more)