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Not Dying at the Grand Canyon

Looking for an incredibly safe road trip to take that includes seeing a national landmark of pristine beauty? Put the Grand Canyon on your list! Its up there as being a really safe place to visit – and set out to prove it with charts and everything! The Grand Canyon is a safe place […] - (read more)

All walks of life among Malaysia plane passengers

In light of the politics involved in the downing of the Malaysian plane, its important to not overlook the people who lost their lives and the contributions they made to the world they lived in. Read the article for more on these people. International passengers from all walks of life, from a prominent AIDS researcher […] - (read more)

Keep your Smartphone Charged when Flying

For the most part, the new TSA guidelines apply to flights coming to the US from overseas. However, its probably good to get in practice now before the new enhanced security measures are implemented on domestic flights as well. The Transportation Security Administration announced some new “enhanced security measures” yesterday on its blog. The new […] - (read more)

Fireworks Laws for Each American State

Here are the Firework laws in each of the US states. Enjoy and be safe! As anyone who lives in the New York/New Jersey metropolitan area knows, the smuggling of fireworks from neighboring states (mostly Pennsylvania) is a common thing to do the week of Independence Day. But those two states aren’t the only ones […] - (read more)