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IBM’s Watson’s Possible New Job: Tour Guide

A team of IBM researchers developed an app that allowed museum goers a uniquely technically guided tour powered by Watson, the computer that won Jeopardy! in 2011. One must ask, how many actual tour guides lose their jobs if the Watson tour guide app, Usher, is available to the public? Here’s the Article: IBM’s Watson […] - (read more)

The Quietest Spots in America

I truly love this article because in this busy world we live in, its nice to know there are very quiet places we can find solitude…even if it means traveling hundreds of miles from home, at least solitude is reachable. Here’s the Article: Mapped: These are the quietest spots in America If you want some […] - (read more)

There Are 300,000 Pieces Of Garbage Orbiting Earth

Anyone else have a problem with us junking up space before we actually even get there (because let’s be honest, we haven’t even really begun exploring the “Final Frontier.” Why haven’t we figured out how to re-capture our junk and then use it for recycling purposes? Doesn’t it seem like we could figure this out […] - (read more)

Indiana Wind Farm on Rt I65

Below is a good article with some interesting information about the Wind Farms in Indiana. If you are traveling up or down I65, you may want to pay close attention around the West Layfayette area. Day or night, you can’t miss them. Read More: Travel Point of Interest: Indiana Wind Farm I65 When I got […] - (read more)